Sea’s the Future is a very young startup company. In this first foray into the private sector, we are committed to developing technologies that 1) help people make much-needed progress toward a total Green-Energy future, and 2) provide potable water to areas around the world to meet population and agricultural needs – without harming the environment while achieving these goals.

Another critical problem facing the earth’s inhabitants is the increasing future impacts of disasters on society and the environment. Recent disasters and the slow recovery thereafter, perhaps best typified by the poor recovery in Puerto Rico follow Hurricane Marie, have not markedly improved over the state-of-the-art in the last century. We still use sandbags to painstakingly try to protect value properties from water and still invest little or no money into technologies to perform this task in a safer, more adaptable fashion. Sea’s the Future, as can be seen in the biographical sketches of key personnel, has extensive capabilities in this area and sees the capability to rapidly restore transportation networks, electrical generation capacity, electric grids, and supply chains into the affected areas, a critical components of post disaster recovery and an essential element of community resilience., both coastal and inland, through the ability to restore community functions in days to weeks, rather than months to years.

We are seeking funding and investments from like-minded institutions, companies, and individuals to help us build and distribute the enhanced green-energy generation capabilities and resilience capabilities that can help the next generation deal with the impending problems that appear to be facing all of us today.

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